Bill 9 CD1—Mayor Kirk Caldwell signs Bill 9 into law at Pokai Bay Beach Park

It is important to preserve the culture and legacy of the parks and beaches that we cherish every day, which is why Councilmember Pine introduced Bill 9 CD 1 in an effort to establish a program within the Department of Parks & Recreation for the designation of sites of cultural value located in City public parks.

In an unanimous vote, Bill 9 CD 1 passed for adoption at the March 16 City Council Meeting.

Bill 9

On March 21, Mayor Kirk Caldwell accompanied by Councilmember Kymberly Marcos Pine signed Bill 9 into law at Pokai Bay Beach Park— drawing a crowd of Leeward residents who have passionately supported this initiative for decades.


Under the new law, any interested person will be able to recommend the designation of a cultural site to the parks department with a description of the cultural impact of the site on the city or surrounding communities. If approved, the department will install a marker informing the public of the designated cultural site. The person requesting the marker will be responsible for purchasing and maintaining the marker.