Improving Roads at Sea Country, Maili

Councilmember Pine recently met with Ed Lauer, General Manager of the Sea Country Community Association.  Ed requested a meeting to discuss ways to improve pedestrian safety and to also address street parking concerns from the community.


Some of the ideas that Ed Lauer shared with Councilmember Pine include the following:


  • Mokila Street— Request to make one side of the street “no parking.”
  • Pakeke Street—Request to make it available for parking on both sides of the street.
  • Anaha Street—Request to make it “no parking” along Makai side of the street.
  • Intersection of Kaukama Road and Pakeke Street— Request a 3-way stop and a crosswalk due to the large number of pedestrians who use this intersection on a daily basis.
  • Intersection of Pakeke Street and Huamoa Street—Request a 3 way stop and a crosswalk since this area is a main bus stop for school children.



Councilmember Pine meeting up with Ed Lauer, General Manager of the Sea Country Community Association, to discuss further ways to improve the roads and infrastructure at Sea Country.



Street view of Anaha Street, one of the roads awaiting repair and improvements. Image courtesy of Google Maps.