Is there a park in your neighborhood that needs a little extra help? Get involved through the City’s Adopt-A-Park program and help us create a world-class park. Hoa Paka, the City’s Adopt-a-Park program is based on the premise that citizens make a difference in ensuring that their community park, keiki’s playground, beach or natural area is clean, safe and well maintained. By adopting a park in our community, you can change the way your park looks and operates, and will carry the will have pride knowing that you care enough about your park or beach to make a personal commitment to improve and protect it.


There are 33 parks on the Leeward Coast ready to be adopted and cared for. I invite your community organization, business, or family to consider participating in our initiative to participate in this wonderful program.


If your organization would like to get involved and would like more information on the Hoa Paka program, please contact me at 768-5001 or