Rate increases necessary to maintain service and reliability

Honolulu Board of Water Supply

To support our mission to provide a safe and dependable water supply now and into the future, the fourth installment of the multi-year approved water rate increase will take effect July 1, 2014.

The monthly Billing Charge will increase from $7.70 to $8.44; a difference of $0.74 per month. The water Quantity Charge will also increase from $3.68 to $4.03 for 1,000 gallons of water for the average residential customer. Please refer to the table on the back for the specific rates.

The new rate schedule was approved and took effect in 2012 to keep Oahu’s water infrastructure and treatment systems operating properly. Additionally, the cost for day-to-day operation of the Board of Water Supply (BWS) system continues to rise – electric power, fuel, materials and labor.

The BWS is committed to financially-efficient operations and is doing many things to keep costs down. This includes optimizing energy management and facility operations. BWS is also controlling the size of its workforce by balancing staffing levels to provide the services needed for the maintenance, repair, and replacement of its facilities. By keeping our system in good working order through planned replacement and repairs, the BWS is helping to minimize main breaks and emergency repairs that can mean greater inconveniences and higher costs. BWS would like to advise customers that although they receive a combined water and sewer bill, water charges are separate from sewer charges. For questions regarding your wastewater charges, please contact the Department of Environmental Services at (808) 768-3330.

If you would like more information about BWS and water rates, please visit or contact the BWS Communications Office at (808) 748-5041.

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