The City Council is committed to addressing an ongoing issue in our community– the crucial need for affordable housing throughout Oahu. 

Here is a list of legislation that is currently being reviewed at the City Council:

Reso. 17-136, CD1 – urging collaboration with the state HHFDC for use of affordable housing funds (adopted)

Reso. 17-138 reprioritizing community development block grant funding, to prioritize more funding toward affordable housing (still in budget committee

Bill 58 (2017) – relating to an affordable housing requirement

Bill 59 (2017) – relating to affordable housing building incentives

Bill 15 (2017) – relating to IPDT permit community benefits

Bill 79 (2014) – relating to affordable housing (bill filed)

Bill 80 (2014) – relating to a rental housing trust fund (bill filed)

Reso. 14-267 – urging the Hawaii state legislature to support a constitutional amendment to allow the counties to issue tax increment bonds.

As we move forward, I invite you to share your thoughts with me regarding affordable housing in our communities.  Your input is valued and will guide our City’s leaders as we work together to improve affordable housing policy.  Feel free to contact me at or 768-5001.