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FERUARY 18, 2016


After Nearly a Decade, City Accepting Ownership of More Than

50 Leeward Roads and Infrastructure Improvements


Adoption of Councilmember Pine’s Legislation to Streamline Road Dedication Process

Brings Positive Changes to Leeward Communities


Yesterday, the Honolulu City Council formally accepted infrastructure improvements in Sea Country, Maili, bringing the number of roads and infrastructure dedicated to and accepted by the City to more than 50 projects in Leeward Oahu since Councilmember Kymberly Marcos Pine has introduced legislation to expedite the City’s process of acceptance.


In addition to the infrastructure accepted yesterday, Leeward residents are elated that ownership of roads and infrastructure in Ewa by Gentry, Farrington Highway, Ocean Pointe, Maili Kai, Sea Country, Mehana at Kapolei and Kapolei Business Park have been transferred to the City, bringing about change to communities that waited years for the city to accept and start maintaining these improvements in their neighborhoods.


“For decades, Leeward communities have waited for road, sewer and drain repairs—one of our core City services, and because the City did not streamline its infrastructure acceptance process earlier, the wait turned from months to years.” Councilmember Kymberly Marcos Pine said. “The roads began to deteriorate and this was simply unacceptable. Despite paying property taxes, residents in community associations had to also pay for repairs to roads and other infrastructure projects themselves and that is a responsibility of the City.”


In the past, there had been instances in which roadways had been built but did not receive much-needed repairs, due to delays from the City Administration in accepting these roadway improvements. While residents waited eagerly to receive updates about these roads, they became frustrated by a lack of specific guidelines regarding roadway improvements and a lack of communication from the City.


Responding to the community’s concerns, Councilmember Pine introduced Resolution 15-11 and 15-12 which shined light on long-delayed road safety and maintenance improvements on roads in District One.  These resolutions urged the City to reevaluate and streamline its process for accepting road, sewer and drain improvements.


Seeing the latest acceptance is the Maili subdivision of Sea Country, which originally needed road repaving and street light replacement. However, the City had delayed acceptance of these roads into its inventory until Councilmember Pine’s Resolution 15-11, Requesting the City Administration to Set Forth Specific Requirements for Dedications of Roadway Improvements Constructed Pursuant to Conditional Zoning Agreements, was adopted in February 2015.


Ed Lauer, General Manager of the Sea Country Community Association, expressed the frustrations of the residents, “Over the past 15 years, the process of getting our roads repaired had taken far too long. We are appreciative that they are finally being addressed.”


“The potholes on the main road outside of our store were absolutely terrible.” Sea Country General Store Manager Ginger Kahalepuna commented. “However, I’ve noticed that recently, within the past month, the potholes are being patched,” indicating progress finally taking place in the Sea Country community.


In addition, Councilmember Pine’s Resolution 15-12, Requesting the City Administration to Set Forth Specific Requirements for Dedications of Sewer Improvements Constructed Pursuant to Conditional Zoning Agreements, urges the City to reevaluate its process for accepting sewer improvements, which affects many of the roads that Leeward residents drive on every day.


Kevin Rathburn, Ocean Pointe Master CA President and Ke Alohi Kai Resident shared his thoughts regarding the City expediting the Ke Alohi Kai Community street dedication process. “Having the City take control of the maintenance and repairs certainly relieves the responsibility of our community association and the developer from repairing and maintaining the area streets.  The most important aspect is we now have a venue to get timely street light repairs which will provide our community with better lighted areas and security.”


Since adopting the two resolutions in February 2015, the City has streamlined the acceptance of roads and infrastructure on the Leeward coast, and has dedicated or is in the process of turning over more than 70 subdivision improvements in District One. Now that the City is effectively clarifying requirements for roadway improvement dedications, many Leeward roads will soon be eligible to be mapped, repaved and maintained by the City’s road repaving and pothole fixing crews.


Councilmember Kymberly Marcos Pine represents residents of District One (ʻEwa, ʻEwa Beach, Kapolei, Honokai Hale, Ko ʻOlina, Nanakuli, Maili, Waianae, Makaha, Keaau, Makua).



Roads and infrastructure transferred to the City since adoption of Resolutions 15-11 and 15-12



Ewa Beach

Ewa By Gentry: Kanela St, Hoomohalu Pl, Hoomalule Pl, Hoowalea St (portion), Hoowalea Way, Hoowalea Pl, Hoomahana St (portion), Hekuawa St (portion), Hoolu Pl, Hoolu Way, Hookaahea St, Hookaahea Pl, Hoomaile St, Hoonana St.


Ocean Pointe: Kaimalie St (portion), Kaiee St (portion), Kai Kukuma St (portion), Kai Anae St, Kai Wana St, Sewer Easements 8374, 8377, 8378.





Maili Kai/Sea Country: Kaipoi St, Konini St, Pii St, Owelo Pl, Ahana St (portion)


Sea Country: Wehiwehi St (portion), Panoa St, Mokila St (portion), Kowehe St., Laia St (portion), Mokila St (portion), Mokila Pl, Kulawae St (portion), Nakii St (portion), Polikua St, Polikua Pl, Pakeke St (portion), Kuaha St.


Sea Country Area 7 Phase 1 Subdivision: Roadway Lots 168-172, Grant of Drain Easements 3 and 53, Grant of Access Easements 55, 56 and 57.


Sea Country Area 7 Phase 2 Subdivision: Roadway Lots 120-123, Grant of Drain Easements 1,2, and 43; and Grant of Flowage Easements 1 and 2 for public use in Waianae.




Mehana: Kukulu St (portion), Kunehi St (portion), Manawai St (portion)


Kapolei Business Park: Lauwiliwili St, Uu Pl, Lauia St, Opakapaka St, Opule St, Munu St


Kapolei Waterpark Sewerline: Sewer Easements 8261 and 8262


Kapolei Drainage Easement: Drain Easement 10292









Resolution 15-11

Resolution 15-12