Our team is dedicated and committed to provide a safe and clean environment for our guests as well as giving the best guest experience possible.

Key departments and positions at Wet’n’Wild include:
• AQUATICS: lifeguards, EMTs, pool maintenance personnel
• OPERATIONS: housekeepers, landscapers, maintenance, park services, security personnel
• RETAIL: guest services, gift shop, fun zone, rental personnel
• FOOD SERVICES / CATERING: bartenders, cashiers, cooks, food preparers, food service workers and warehouse personnel
• TICKET SALES & RESERVATIONS: cashiers, ticket collectors, tour escorts, loaders, greeters and reservationists
• EVENTS AND SALES: co-ordinate special events, birthdays, corporate picnics, party hosts

If you are interested in becoming a member of our team, simply fill in the application form and send to jobs@wetnwildhawaii.com or call us at 808-674-9283 (ext. 203) to find out what jobs are available.

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