Autism Learning Seminar

To kick off 2017, we are presenting three presentations from the TACA 2016 Conference. Conference presentations by Dr. Dan Rossignol, Dr. Anju Usman, and Dr. Nancy Hofreuter O’Hara will be featured at the Autism Learning Seminar. Presentation topics will cover, among other things, advanced medical research, advanced diets based on individual needs, immune issues, supplementing, PANDAS/PANS, and advanced treatments. All attendees will receive the National TACA Autism Conference workbook with over 400 pages of presentations and information for families with autism.

This event is free for families but requires registration. In order to provide attendees with a Conference workbook, registration for this event is required by February 1, 2017. We are unable to guarantee Conference workbooks to those participants registering after February 1, 2017. This event is free for parents but requires registration at this link (sorry, not via Facebook) …

Dr. Rossignol received his Doctorate of Medicine at the Medical College of Virginia and completed his residency in family medicine at the University of Virginia. He has made it his mission to research and publish in autism. Since 2006, he has 53 papers, abstracts, editorials, and book chapters concerning autism and related conditions. Dr. Rossignol and his wife, Lanier, a Family Nurse Practitioner, have two sons with autism. Dr. Rossignol’s presentation

Dr. Usman specializes in biomedical interventions for children with ADD, Autism, PANDAS/PANS, Down Syndrome and related disorders. She has been involved in research regarding copper/zinc imbalances, metallothionein dysfunction, biofilm related infections, and HBOT. She is board certified in Family Practice and Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM).

Dr. Nancy Hofreuter O’Hara, M.D. is a board certified Pediatrician. Prior to her medical career, Dr. O’Hara taught children with autism. She graduated with highest honors from Bryn Mawr College and as a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society from the University of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine. After residency, chief residency and general pediatric fellowship at the University of Pittsburg, Dr. O’Hara entered general private practice in 1993 and in 1999 she dedicated her practice to the integrative and holistic care of children with neurodevelopment disorders, ADHD, PANDAS/PANS, OCD, Lyme and autism.
Childcare: not available at this time; parents please make accomodations for your children while you attend the AJS.

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