It is a reality that the Honolulu Zoo is in need of funding to support its exhibits and facilities.

Right now, we are at the realization that the City has not invested over the years properly into our zoo facility.  With an accreditation inspection approaching in November 2015, the Honolulu Zoo is concerned with maintaining their accreditation and reputation as a landmark in our state.


“The public has demanded that we continue to invest at a higher level in our Zoo.  However, the reality is that we simply can’t afford it and it is time that we begin looking at other options of how we can improve the zoo,” said Councilmember Pine.


Councilmember Pine is currently working on Bill 25, which will allow for limited sponsorship of Honolulu Zoo exhibits or facilities.  This will give donors the opportunity to give back to our zoo, and in return we thank them by honoring their names on small plaques throughout certain exhibits.  Bill 25 CD 1 will be discussed at the upcoming Budget committee on July 22, 2015.  To offer your support and testimony, feel free to attend this meeting or email