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A resolution to expedite the closure of the Waimanalo Gulch Sanitary Landfill won City Council approval last week at Kapolei Hale.

City Councilwoman Kymberly Pine, who introduced the measure, maintains that Leeward Coast residents were promised that the 200-acre Kahe Point landfill would be closed several years ago and remain frustrated with ongoing extensions . . . read more.


Kapolei Regional Park serves as home to many sports and recreation teams, and is heavily used by residents, families and community members. However, the limited parking stalls in the Park are inadequate to support the community and park users have continued to reach out to us regarding the difficulties they encounter when looking for parking.

That is why Councilmember Pine introduced Resolution 15-171, to urge City administration to conduct a feasibility study on the addition of 100 parking stalls within the Park and obtaining the use of alternative parking stalls that are available but not used on weekends at nearby local businesses for users of the park.

Resolution 15-171, CD1 was recently passed at the Parks, Community and Customer Services Committee. Your support and testimonies are much needed at the upcoming July 8, 2015 City Council meeting at Kapolei Hale, where Resolution 15-171 will be up for adoption. Feel free to call (808) 768-5001 or email


On April 23, 2015, Mayor Kirk Caldwell dedicated a new waste receiving facility at the City-owned waste-to-energy plant in Campbell Industrial Park that will divert 40,000 tons of sludge and bulky waste into clean, renewable energy.


Many Oahu residents and businesses have asked for the existing Waimanalo Gulch Sanitary Landfill Operation to be closed, as indicated by previous City administrators.


Councilmember Pine is happy to announce that today, the Public Works Committee passed Resolution 15-167, which was introduced to urge the City to expedite the closure of the Waimanalo Gulch Sanitary Landfill and the implementation of sustainable waste management practices.  Your support and testimonies are much needed at the upcoming July 8, 2015 City Council meeting at Kapolei Hale, where, with your help, the resolution will be adopted by City Council.  Feel free to call (808) 768-5001 or email to learn how you can submit testimony in support of this issue.



Click here to read the Resolution PDF:

Ewa Residents have long recognized Aunty Arline Eaton and Aunty Mary Serrao’s significant contributions to the Ewa community and have requested that they be recognized for their contributions to the community.  My Resolution 15-143 and Resolution 15-166 passed in The Parks, Community & Customer Services Committee today.  Ewa Residents soon hope to see memorial plaques at Pu’uloa Beach Park, honoring Aunty Arline Wainaha Kuuleialoha Brede Eaton, and Ewa-Puuloa District Park, honoring Aunty Mary Kaipo Malama Serrao, for their notable contributions to the Ewa community.   Your support and testimonies are much needed at  the upcoming July 8, 2015 City Council meeting at Kapolei Hale, where these resolutions, with your help, will be adopted by City Council. Your support in honoring Aunty Arline’s and Aunty Mary’s legacies is greatly appreciated.


I am happy to announce that Resolution 14-254 and Resolution 15-142 were recently passed, regarding renaming Ewa Beach Park to Pu’uloa Beach Park and Ocean Pointe District Park to Ewa-Pu’uloa District Park.  According to members of the Ewa community, historically, the name “Pu’uloa” is the traditional name for the area within the Ewa Moku where this park resides and is used by many long-time residents to refer to the community.

Parks are a gathering place for families, organizations and community groups to meet, recreate and enjoy. As your councilmember, one of Councilmember Pine’s ongoing goals is to keep the parks in our district safe and clean for our community by ensuring our Parks Department has the funding it needs for ongoing maintenance and new capital construction projects, encouraging communities to be good stewards of our parks, and creating a new Adopt-a-Park program to make it easier for communities to create and participate in park adoption projects.

Recently, Councilmember Pine spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon on the Leeward Coast at Makaha Community Park renovating the park bathroom, providing new play equipment and planting ti leaves on the park grounds. This event kicked off the next phase of her ongoing commitment to revitalize Leeward Coast parks and transform the community.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell joined to help plant ti leaves and showed his support for our efforts at the Makaha Community Park Rededication as he delivered a message of civic pride and community duty to be good stewards of our recreation resources.

It’s amazing to see what can be achieved when volunteers come together to revive their community. In partnership with the Department of Parks and Recreation, Laborers International 368, Grace Pacific Maintenance Solutions, the Pacific Links Foundation, PBR and Associates, Hawaii Electrical Workers and the Active Hawaii Foundation, the community combined efforts to clean-up, paint, and refurbish the heavily-used park. Volunteers helped to restore the park’s comfort station with fresh paint and the Microguard protective coating that resists graffiti and staining, and install new lights for safety. Meanwhile, the Parks Department replaced all fixtures, sinks and toilets and community members participated in a park clean-up, painted benches and removed graffiti from the park grounds. The before and after results are profound, and provide a fresh new outlook to the park.



Volunteers from Laborers Local 368 and the community painting the park comfort station.



After completing all the work in the morning, volunteers gathered together to participate in a beautiful and inspiring rededication ceremony led by Reverend Kahu Steven Costa.   Dipping a ti leaf into salt water in his koa bowl, Kahu Costa sprinkled salt water to all corners of the park, blessing the grounds and drawing forth positive energy. Meanwhile, students from neighboring Makaha Elementary School also helped to breathe fresh life into this park by symbolically planting ti leaf cuttings near the park’s entrance. The ceremony concluded as Councilmember Pine joined community leaders, volunteers and Makaha’s keiki, untying a maile lei and commemorating a new beginning for this park.

The Makaha Community Park Rededication was touching and demonstrated what can happen when volunteers and the City come together to transform our community.

In addition to this project, Councilmember Pine is working hard to bring bathrooms to Puu O Hulu Community Park in Maili and build new bathrooms at One`ula Beach Park.

With the help of community volunteers, we can transform all of our Leeward parks into safe and clean environments for our keiki. If you would like to know more about how to get involved in a park restoration, please feel free to contact Councilmember Pine’s office via e-mail:, or telephone (808) 768-5001.  It is absolutely fulfilling to give back to our community, and transforming our parks is a great way to do so.

City officials announced the opening of a new sludge receiving station today at the City’s H-Power waste-to-energy plant in Campbell Industrial Park.  The new machine will take sludge and waste products and convert them into fuel.


According to the Department of Environmental Services, the Honolulu Program of Waste Energy Recovery (H-POWER) processes over 600,000 tons of waste annually, and has the capacity to produce up to 10% of Oahu’s electricity.  H-POWER began operation in 1990 and today, coverts nearly 2,000 tons of waste per day, creating enough electricity to power 60,000 homes.


The City’s new sludge receiving station will reduce 40,000 pounds of waste that enters the land fills per year, putting less dependence on the Waimanalo Gulch land fill.  The addition of the receiving station ensures that less material is going into the landfill and sets the city on a course to eliminating the need for a landfill in my district.

Today, Mayor Kirk Caldwell announced a major new park initiative during his third State of the City speech.  The initiative, E Paka Kakou, or “parks together” will be a city partnership with community organizations to step up and revitalize parks.


“This parks initiative works hand-in-hand with the Adopt a Park Bill – Bill 58. Together, these will ease the process for groups wishing to adopt and make major capital contributions to our parks. We are looking forward to working with Mayor Caldwell in the upcoming budget process to see our proposals succeed,” said Councilmember Kymberly Marcos Pine.


Councilmember Pine introduced Bill 58 on September 29th, 2014. If passed, the bill will create a more transparent and clearly defined process for park adoptions, donations and capital improvements, making it easier for organizations to improving specific parks in their communities.


Mayor Kirk Caldwell also revealed that $2 million in the fiscal 2016 budget will be dedicated to making improvements at park comfort stations.  According to Caldwell, these funds will be used to refurbish 24 restrooms at parks and 16 sets of existing playground apparatus throughout the island.


The Department of Parks and Recreation will be installing Microguard, a protective coating that is graffiti and rot resistant, on 24 comfort stations, throughout the next year beginning with Asing Park, in Ewa Beach.



The City hosted a park dedication ceremony on Monday, December 15, 2014 at 10:30 a.m. at the long awaited new District Park in ‘Ewa at the corner of Keone‘ula Boulevard and Ft. Weaver Road.  The park’s official address is 91-201 Kaimele Place.


Over ten years in the making, the park open with improvements including basketball courts, volleyball courts, a baseball field, comfort station, and a parking lot with over one hundred stalls.


The improvements were gifted to the city by developer Haseko totaling over $5 million dollars.


“I am very excited to see the families in our community enjoy this much needed and anticipated new park. Our children are able to have their little league practice and play games immediately in the park because of the generous giving of our community partner.  The park will impact our community for years to come,” said Councilmember Pine.


“We are very happy to give this beautiful park to the community to enjoy for years to come.  This new park is a great example of a public private partnership benefiting O‘ahu residents. With millions of dollars of improvements by Haseko, the developer of homes in the area, and with the assistance of the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation, we are pleased to open this new park that ‘Ewa families will enjoy for years to come. I thank Councilmember Kymberly Pine for bringing this project to the finish line so we are able to open the park now,” said Tom Sagawa.


The opening of the new park comes at a critical time for the ‘Ewa Community. The James Campbell High School athletic field will close for repairs this month. With a shortage of playing fields in the area, athletic programs were scrambling to find a place to hold practice had the park not opened this month.

Is there a park in your neighborhood that needs a little extra help? Get involved through the City’s Adopt-A-Park program and help us create a world-class park. Hoa Paka, the City’s Adopt-a-Park program is based on the premise that citizens make a difference in ensuring that their community park, keiki’s playground, beach or natural area is clean, safe and well maintained. By adopting a park in our community, you can change the way your park looks and operates, and will carry the will have pride knowing that you care enough about your park or beach to make a personal commitment to improve and protect it.


There are 33 parks on the Leeward Coast ready to be adopted and cared for. I invite your community organization, business, or family to consider participating in our initiative to participate in this wonderful program.


If your organization would like to get involved and would like more information on the Hoa Paka program, please contact me at 768-5001 or