City removes abandoned vehicles from golf course parking lots


Honolulu – The Department of Customer Services announced today that it has removed the abandoned vehicles that had been temporarily stored at the golf course parking lots at Ewa Villages and West Loch.


The 59 abandoned vehicles have been moved to a new storage site at Sand Island, where the city has entered into a year-to-year lease with the Hawai‘i Department of Transportation Harbors Division for use of state-owned land to help address the issue.


The abandoned vehicles were moved to the Sand Island lot on July 18, one year after the city started storing them in the parking lots at the golf courses on July 17, 2017.


“Through this new agreement with the state, we believe that the city is in a much better position to adequately address the storage issue stemming from abandoned vehicles,” said Randy M. Leong, deputy director of the city’s Department of Customer Services.