“The Hawaiʻi Community Development Authority (HCDA), in partnership with the Kalaeloa Heritage and Legacy Foundation, is working to create the Kalaeloa Heritage Park (KHP) in ʻEwa, Oʻahu. Located just east of the Kalaeloa Airport, the 77-acre KHP contains significant cultural, historical, and natural resources unique to the ʻEwa Plain.

“Proposed actions for developing the KHP complex will include a multi-purpose cultural center, botanical greenhouse, maintenance shed, and caretaker/security cottage. The KHP complex will support the existing “interpretative area” where visitors are guided along a trail which includes remnants of an ancient Hawaiian village. The majority of the proposed development will be located in an area that has been previously bulldozed for military purposes in order to minimize disturbance to the remainder of the site.

“The proposed project will not have a significant cumulative effect upon the environment. The proposed project will have short term impacts on traffic, noise, and air quality during construction, but will be mitigated through use of Best Management Practices. No long-term impacts are expected. The KHP will promote the stewardship of natural, cultural and historical resources on the ʻEwa Plain, an d educate visitors about the past. The proposed development of the KHP will support the goals of the HCDA and City and County of Honolulu to preserve open space and provide recreational and educational opportunities in ʻEwa.”

Statutory 30-day public review and comment period starts; comments are due by August 7, 2014. Please send comments to the proposing/determination agency and consultant.

Kalaeloa Heritage Park Draft Environmental Assessment
(Click link above to download)

Proposing/Determination Agency:

Hawaii Community Development Authority
461 Cooke Street
Honolulu, HI 96813

Contact: Tesha Malama, phone 808-620-9643 or e-mail tesha@hcdaweb.org


Townscape, Inc.
900 Fort Street Mall, Suite 1160
Honolulu, HI 96813

Contact: Gabrielle Sham, phone 808-536-6999 or e-mail gabrielle@townscapeinc.com

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