We were surprised to read the editorial taking us to task for budgeting money to address the public health and safety crisis of Oahu homelessness (“Plans before funding,” Star-Advertiser, Our View, March 30).

Our news release detailing the amendments stated that $21 million — $2.3 million to each Council district — would be used to build “temporary locations secured by the city” that “permit the homeless to gather in shelters and provide hygiene centers that include showers, laundry facilities and restrooms,” plus an area for social-service providers.

Unused government parcels, and vacant property or facilities would be identified for temporary homeless service zones. We don’t want any more tent cities.

This is not new money, but repurposing of $24 million the city administration wants to redevelop Blaisdell Center.

The $18 million community revitalization initiative of two years ago, promised to the Council’s then-chairman for hygiene centers and safe zones, has been “under review” since the Council approved it. The administration failed to spend the money, which is scheduled to lapse. The community deserves action; the Council is prepared to take it.

Kymberly Marcos Pine

Member, Honolulu City Council