KHON2 News – By Manolo Morales

A Honolulu City Council member says animal welfare cases aren’t being addressed because of a gap in services.

According to Kymberly Pine, changes in the city’s contract with the Hawaiian Humane Society aren’t working. The new contract started over a year ago after the city cut the funding for the society.

“We’ve actually had numerous complaints of animal cruelty of violent animals in the community and nothing being done about it, because of the cuts that have been made to the humane society’s contract,” Pine said. “This is really becoming a very serious situation.”

Humane society services were cut back last year in August, so the pickup of stray animals and complaints about barking dogs were then transferred to Honolulu police.

Pine says that has led to many situations where people don’t know who to call.

She brings up a recent situation where someone posted a photo of a dog in Waianae that’s been tied up and tangled outside the owner’s home. There were numerous complaints to the city and the humane society.

The Hawaiian Humane Society says it even got calls from concerned people in Europe. It says investigators have met with the owner several times and the dog is now in an enclosed lanai and receiving treatment for an infection. They are working with the owner on proper care for the dog.

Pine is holding a City Council hearing on Thursday to clarify who should be responding to animal welfare calls and what can be done to improve the service.

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