With a theme of Connecting Leeward Residents with Leeward Jobs, the Fourth Annual Hire Leeward Job & Career Fair will host businesses offering Leeward-based job opportunities, networking events with Leeward businesses, and career education seminars to help you learn the skills and make the connections you need to find a job close to home.


Businesses and organizations are offering many opportunities from a wide range of industries including: healthcare, food service, hospitality, retail, military, and administrative, as well as trade apprenticeships. Furthermore, HireLeeward.com continues to be a resource throughout the year, providing job opportunities and resources to residents.


“Oahu’s ‘Second City’ continues to grow into its role and many West Oahu residents are motivated to find work closer to where they live, spend less time in traffic, and more time with their families. The upcoming job fair is an excellent opportunity for Kapolei area businesses to tap into this labor pool,” says Leeward Oahu city councilwoman Kymberly Marcos Pine.


The Fourth Annual Hire Leeward Job & Career Fair is on June 25 at UH West Oahu from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Visit HireLeeward.com for more.