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Before we rush to decide on a rail route, shouldn’t we get numbers first?


(HONOLULU) – Councilmember Kymberly Marcos Pine released the following statement in response to leaders’ push to stop the rail project in Middle Street:


“It is very important that we all strive to ensure that we build a rail system that we can afford. What we cannot afford is leaders making quick decisions without real information.   I continue to be extremely frustrated that leaders are making serious decisions on changing the rail route without publicly analyzing facts or figures on how the change will affect the ridership numbers and the use of the entire system.


The purpose for building rail in the first place was to reduce traffic and provide residents facing long drives a faster way to commute. Every decision must be made based on that goal.


What is missing in the conversation is a true station by station analysis of the pros and cons of eliminating each station.


Before making any changes to the rail route, HART staff needs to provide the public with a cost analysis of each station and the effects of ridership— should any station be eliminated. To date, decisions on future stations are currently being made without this information in the public discussion.


What is not being considered is the possibility of eliminating stations throughout the route instead of eliminating the last 8 stations.


Should leaders come to the conclusion that the Middle Street option is the best option after this data is publicly scrutinized, I’ll be satisfied that we did our due diligence and made a responsible decision for the people of Oahu.”