Residents have been contacting Councilmember Pine with concerns regarding the placement of illegal banners around the community.


In response, Councilmember Pine connected with the Department of Planning & Permitting (DPP) to inquire about the placement of banners on both public and private properties, and what the ordinances are.


DPP Director George Atta replied that any banners that advertise a location that is not in the area or showcase sponsor information and for-profit businesses violate banner ordinances. The City is dutiful in taking down any visible signage that is illegal.


At this time, DPP also stresses that the City does not give permission to private citizens to remove any signage on public and private properties.


Instead, residents are encouraged to report any illegal signage they see in their communities to their representatives’ office. The first step to getting these signs removed is to determine whether it is on City or State property— and notifying the correct office. Then, your community representatives will connect with the appropriate department to have the illegal signage removed immediately.


If you have any questions regarding illegal signage in your neighborhood, please contact