Wednesday, April 3, 2018


Councilmember Pine Introduces New Incentives in Apartment-Zoned Lands to Provide Solutions to Affordable Housing Crisis and Monster Homes Issues


(HONOLULU) After a year of working with multiple stakeholders, Councilmember Kymberly Marcos Pine introduced legislation today that aims to expand and incentivize the building of affordable housing units in apartment-zoned lands as a solution to address Oahu’s affordable housing crisis and end the proliferation of monster homes in our communities.


The proposal would incentivize construction of ‘low-rise’ rentals in areas already zoned for apartment buildings.  Some market studies have shown that with certain incentives, low-rise rentals can be constructed for almost one-half the square footage cost of that of a high rise.  Construction cost savings then can be passed on to local renters.


  • Resolution 18-77 requests the City administration to consider changes to the building code to help incentivize the construction of affordable housing in apartment zones, increase affordable housing, and reduce the proliferation of monster homes.  Proposed changes will incentivize building of walk-up multi-family units on land zoned for apartment uses.
  • Resolution 18-78 proposes amendments to the Land Use Ordinance relating to development in the apartment and apartment mixed use districts to increase the supply of affordable housing, and reduce the proliferation of monster homes.  Proposed amendments include allowing more units to be built on the same footprint. (Bill attached to Resolution)


“For years, City policymakers have focused on rezoning ag-lands or building high-rise construction to tackle our affordable housing crisis, instead of looking at the issues that have prevented builders from building more affordable housing units on apartment-zoned areas.  This is why we are now looking to give builders and landowners the tools to increase the affordable housing supply for local families and residents throughout O’ahu,” said Councilmember Kymberly Marcos Pine.  “The mayor has been briefed on our year-long efforts and we are excited that he is including the Council’s legislation in his State of the City Address.”


“This demonstrates a tremendous opportunity to help solve the housing shortage by incentivizing the creation of affordable workforce rental housing for our local residents,” said local affordable housing developer Marshall Hung of Downtown Capital, LLC. who has been working with Councilmember Pine on the legislation.


Councilmember Pine will hold a hearing on Resolutions 18-77 & 18-78 at the April 19th Committee on Zoning and Housing.  If the Committee recommends adoption, the measures will move to the Council for a final vote on April 25th.  If residents would like to submit testimony, they can email Councilmember Pine at


Councilmember Pine is the Chair of the Committee on Zoning and Housing, and represents residents of District One (’Ewa, ’Ewa Beach, Kapolei, Honokai Hale, Ko Olina, Nanakuli, Maili, Wai’anae, Makaha, Keaau, Makua).




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