Encouraging additional protection for kupuna renewing driver licenses

Councilmember Pine grateful for leaders’ increased actions to protect residents, though more answers still needed

HONOLULU, HAWAI‘I — “I am grateful that the Governor is taking more serious steps to keep Hawai‘i’s people healthy and I will support all other efforts in this direction. I look forward to learning about the Governor’s additional plans, hinted at during today’s news conference,” said Councilmember Kym Pine.

“It is also a good move on the Mayor’s part to have the City review the possibility of canceling gatherings of 50 or more people following the CDC’s new guidance,” Pine said.

“There are still so many questions that need answers. We have supply shortages of basic necessities. What are plans for possible shortage of hospital beds should O‘ahu become a cluster for COVID-19 cases? What are the State and City are going to do to help ensure that the homeless are provided basic hygiene so they, too, can protect themselves from this contagious and possibly lethal illness? When will soap be provided for hand-washing in restrooms at public facilities? What is the cleaning regimen for comfort stations and other high-touch surfaces at public parks and playgrounds?”

As the Chair of the Council Committee on Business, Economic Development and Tourism, Pine also asks, “What are the plans to help small businesses and the people who are being laid off?

“One step officials can take right now to expand social distancing for our most vulnerable residents, is to exempt seniors from having to physically appear at Driver Licensing Centers in order to receive a two-year renewal. The number of people in Hawai‘i testing positive for COVID-19 is rapidly increasing. Since the elderly are most susceptible to the serious effects of the virus, the state should allow seniors who are renewing a two-year license to only physically appear at a Driver Licensing Center every other two-year period,” said Councilmember Pine.

Some places on the mainland with four-year licenses allow a customer to simply pay online or by mail, skipping an in-person appointment every other renewal period. The DMV in these other states simply re-use the previous photo for the renewed license. Should a senior choose to physically appear for an appointment at a licensing center, a new photo may be taken.

Councilmember Pine introduced Resolution 19-309 urging the State Legislature to increase the Driver License renewal period for certain senior drivers that was adopted by the Honolulu City Council Jan. 29, 2020:


Councilmember Kym Pine represents residents of District One (ʻEwa, ʻEwa Beach, Kapolei, Honokai Hale, Ko ʻOlina, Nānākuli, Mā‘ili, Wai‘anae, Mākaha, Kea‘au, Mākua) and is chair of the City Council’s Committee on Business Economic Development and Tourism.

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