“The public has every right to be upset and frustrated with the seemingly endless array of cost delays, mismanagement and possible corruption. The ongoing investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice must be completed and the findings made public to help restore some of the trust lost amid the broken promises and outright lies that have been pushed by the City administration and others eager to profit from rail. Should evidence of corruption and criminal behavior be revealed, the perpetrators must be prosecuted and if found guilty they should go to jail. We need strong, steady, transparent leadership focused on providing the taxpayer with the project that was approved and voted on. We can further eliminate waste and mismanagement by tightening cost controls, strengthening internal audits and holding HART staff and companies working on the project more accountable.”
“That said, stopping at Middle Street is simply not an option. We cannot afford weakened resolve and to build a project that will accomplish nothing.”
“We need to complete the project we promised to build and honor the full funding grant agreement we signed with the federal government. Why would the feds ever want to do business with us again in any serious way if we blow this? How will our state partners react after the combative deliberations in special session two years ago resulted in millions in new money pegged to the promise of rail?”
“Furthermore, the project holds the potential to expand to the University of Hawaii’s Manoa campus, connecting it to the rapidly expanding West Oahu campus, creating new opportunities for educators and generations of kids seeking an affordable, quality education here in Hawaii.”
“Transit oriented development will create new affordable housing developments and connect job seekers with new economic opportunities. We can’t quit now and stop it at Middle Street. We didn’t give up on Kalanianaole Highway or the H-3 and today our commuters are the better for it.”