Want to see your name on a city facility?


Article by Brent Remadna of KHON2.


Imagine seeing your name on a city building or a playground.

If you have the funds, it could happen.

That is the idea behind a new Honolulu City Council bill to improve city facilities and save taxpayers money.

Councilmember Kymberly Pine drafted Bill 78.

“This will help us do more and do it better without increasing taxes,” said Pine.

Non-profit groups, private businesses and private citizens would be allowed to sponsor city facilities, parks, properties, programs and equipment.

Pine believes it’s a win-win.

She says there will be more money for the city to maintain their assets, and at the same time residents would not be hit with an increase to property taxes.

“We have so many wonderful things to be proud of here and it is so sad when we see buildings or programs being eliminated that the people really want to see just because we don’t have funding,” said Pine.

In many cases when a building or park needs upgrades, it comes out of our pockets.

For Honolulu resident, Dexter Moore, if taxpayers will end up saving money, and there is a way to improve the community, he is all for it.

“I think that it is a good idea,” said Moore. “It does save money for taxpayers and that is why they have those programs so you know people can support positive healthy things for our community.”

This idea mirrors a new law that allows sponsorships at the Honolulu Zoo.

“A lot of supporters of the zoo are so excited because finally they feel they can find a way to help the zoo without increasing property taxes,” said Pine. “So it really opened up the flood of a lot of supporters to really improve the zoo.”

As far as how the sponsorships will work for the city, Pine says that information is still being worked out, but she is hoping to hear from the community to get more ideas.