From KITV:

WAIANAE, Hawaii —Along with more homes, cars and businesses comes more crime. That’s the dynamic playing out in councilmember Kymberly Pine’s district and she’s fearful the police force isn’t keeping pace.

“The Kapolei area, including Waianae, the population has increased over 35 percent, yet the police officers have not increased the same,” Pine said in a Monday interview with KITV4. “So, it’s really across the board from Ewa Beach to Waianae that we really need to have more police officers.”

HPD’s Patrol District 8 covers 128 square miles from Ewa Beach to Ka’ena Point and holds a residential population of more than 156,000. According to the Honolulu Police Department’s 2013 Annual Statistical Report, the district had the third highest number of reported crime on the island with a total of 4,712 offenses . . . read more.