August 6, 2014

Department of Emergency Management releases Oahu evacuation shelter list in preparation for Iselle

Honolulu — The Department of Emergency Management advises Oahu residents that the following American Red Cross hurricane shelters will be available and open for evacuees on Thursday, August 7 at 10:00 p.m.

Campbell High School 91-980 North Rd Ewa Beach Kapolei
Kaimuki High School 2705 Kaimuki Avenue Honolulu Kaimuki YES
Kaiser High School 511 Lunalilo Home Road Honolulu Kaiser
McKinley High School 1039 South King St Honolulu McKinley
Castle High School 45-386 Kaneohe Bay Dr Kaneohe Castle
Mililani High School 95-1200 Meheula Parkway Mililani Mililani
Pearl City High School 2100 Hookiekie Street Pearl City Pearl City YES
Waialua High School/Intermediate 67-160 Farrington Highway Waialua Waialua YES
Nanakuli High School/Middle 89-980 Nanakuli Avenue Waianae Nanakuli YES
BYU-HAWAII 55-220 Kulanui Street Laie Kahuku YES

The above shelters are designated as official shelter locations by the City and County of Honolulu. A hurricane evacuation shelter should be your refuge of last resort if you have absolutely no where else to go.

Who should evacuate? Residents in the coastal evacuation zones as shown in the yellow tabbed disaster preparedness section of your telephone directory. Residents living in older homes built before 1995, on exposed ridgelines and anyone living in an area prone to or with a history of flooding. Remember, if you choose to evacuate to a shelter you must bring all of your disaster supplies with you.

If you live in a home built after 1995 to current hurricane standards and you are not located in a coastal evacuation or flood zone you should consider Sheltering-in-Place in an interior room on a lower floor without windows.


Special evacuation shuttles will begin operating at 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night to serve the designated shelter locations. If you need transportation to an evacuation shelter TheBus will provide free transportation. These buses will display an EVACUATION sign. Riders need only flag a bus down anywhere along the route they are traveling and they will be taken to the nearest evacuation shelter. Riders will be allowed to bring one bag and pets as long as they are on a leash or in a pet crate or carrier. Designated evacuation routing for each of the ten shelters will be issued soon.

Before leaving for a hurricane shelter, residents should close windows and doors and shut off/unplug all electrical items and shut off utilities if told to do so.

Residents bringing pets to designated pet friendly shelters will need to provide extra food and water for their pet, a pet carrier/cage for each pet that is large enough for them to turn around in as well as cleaning supplies. You will be expected to assist with your pets care.

Keep in mind that the American Red Cross does not allow weapons, illicit drugs, alcohol, and smoking in shelters


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