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For Immediate Release: November 5, 2013


HONOLULU — As part of the GoAkamai traveler information program, the state Department of Transportation (DOT) has launched the new 511 GoAkamai by Phone system.

511 is an interactive voice response system that provides real-time traffic information and updates for the island of Oahu. Callers can dial 511 and quickly get current information on roadway delays and drive times, reach the Freeway Service Patrol, and hear public transportation information.

“511 was designed to provide travelers with an additional resource they can use to plan their commutes,” said DOT Director Glenn M. Okimoto. “The phone option is a convenient alternative for people who prefer to make a call.”

DOT enlisted the expertise of Puakea Nogelmeier, Hawaiian language professor at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa, to ensure the correct pronunciation of all Hawaiian words used on the 511 system, producing more than 3,000 individual WAV audio files.

The 511 technology includes a “self-tuning” feature that allows it to adapt over time to callers’ needs, including capturing new destinations and improving voice recognition capabilities based on pronunciation. The convenient memory function allows 511 callers to save time by pulling up previously requested routes and information automatically.

Released in mid-August, the GoAkamai Mobile App for iPhone and Android provides 24/7 traffic congestion information, including drive times and images from over 200 traffic cameras. Thanks to the recent enhancement, users will now be able to access an Incidents tab that highlights specific types of travel delays like construction and accidents.

GoAkamai iPhone/iPad App Download

GoAkamai Android App Download

In addition, on the home page, new icons have been added to the color-coded Traffic Congestion Map to alert travelers of specific types of delays, including Incidents, Congestion, Construction, Detours, Weather and Events. Visitors simply click on the icons for a description of the roadway issue.

Whether checking the website, Mobile Apps or 511, GoAkamai users are reminded to access travel information before getting behind the wheel, as state law prohibits the use of a mobile device while operating a motor vehicle.

About GoAkamai

GoAkamai uses high-tech roadway monitoring to provide real-time travel information, as well as carpooling, bus and bicycling information., the GoAkamai Mobile Apps, and 511 GoAkamai by Phone are sponsored as part of the GoAkamai initiative, a cooperative program of the Hawai‘i Department of Transportation and the City & County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services.


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