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Dumper of sludge might be required to return it

The company that hauled dredged material across Oahu is unlikely to get a permit, the city says

By Gordon Y.K. Pang
September 27, 2013

The trucking company responsible for dumping dredged material from the Hawaii Kai Marina onto a private agricultural property in Wai­anae likely will be denied a permit to keep it there and be required return it to East Hono­lulu or face escalating fines, a city official told members of the City Council Intergovernmental Affairs and Human Services Committee on Thursday.

Meanwhile, city Deputy Planning Director Art Challacombe confirmed that his agency first warned the trucking company that its dumping of sludge in Wai­anae was a violation 11 days before an Aug. 31 accident in which one of the company’s trucks spilled dredged material onto H-1 freeway, causing a major traffic jam.

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