Ewa homeless

A constituent recently reached out to Councilmember Pine’s office regarding concerns about a homeless man and his belongings camped outside the back corner of Ewa Beach Elementary School. The man’s belongings were sprawled across the entire sidewalk, creating a hazard and limiting the area for pedestrians to walk.

As children frequently travel on this sidewalk, administrators were concerned for their safety– and they requested the City to take action.

Councilmember Pine sent in a request to enforce stored property ordinance on this sidewalk and to get social services and city assistance for this man. After connecting with the Office of Housing, help was on its way.

The Office of Housing contacted service providers to provide outreach services to the area— the Kalihi Palama Health Center and Waikiki Health Care-a-Van coordinated outreach. The providers soon located this individual and offered him access to shelter services and other resources.

Since then, this sidewalk has been cleared out and administrators are relieved that the children can now travel to and from school safely