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Finally, after ten years of being closed, a new bathroom is on its way at Oneʻula Beach Park.

Boarded up, locked and chained; the former bathroom at Oneʻula Beach Park had been unusable for the past decade.   Residents waited years for the bathroom at this park to be reopened but however, due to a lack of funding and support, the project never got its headway.

Councilmember Pine recently launched the Oneʻula Beach Park Community Care Project, in which Ewa Beach residents got the opportunity to walk the park, hear stories about the history, and learn the legacy from longtime community members.

At this event, residents filled out comment cards with suggestions of what they want fixed and changed in the park.

“Fixed bathrooms” was the most popular and frequently seen answer.

Councilmember Pine has worked for years to get this bathroom reopened.  Finally, thanks to the mayor and fellow councilmembers for support her funding request for this project, a new bathroom is finally coming to Oneʻula.  Contractors started work this week and are estimated to be completed by May 1, 2016.

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