In recent news, Ewa Beach developing company Haseko has been fined in $27 million in damages over the determination of building a lagoon instead of a promised recreational marina.

Haseko’s Vice President Sharene Saito Tam has stated that by going with the decision of building a lagoon and not the marina would have been more faster to finish and productive. After having the fined be dropped on the company, Tam accepts the fact that by, “Leaving a project undone is not good for anybody. We thought it (not completing the project) would be far more harmful across the board.”

Haseko plans to continue with the project but in order to resume development, Haseko will need the City Council Bill 62 approval which will rezone 62.3 acres between White Plains Beach and Oneula Beach Park. This proceeding will grant a time extension, accommodations to update the Hoakalei Master Plan that will feature the unanticipated lagoon and not the marina. The company will also need a special management area use permit and a shoreline setback variance.

City Councilmember Kymbery Pine who represents the District 1 area which includes Ewa Beach. Councilmember Pine has stated her concerns over the project.

“Its already been introduced to the Council, so we’re going to do our due diligence whether there’s a lawsuit or not,” Pine said. “(But) whenever we rezone land, we want to make sure that promises that the developer makes to the Council and the people, that they are fulfilled. And right now that’s in question.



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