We have another Zoning Meeting scheduled for September 22 and I will continue to fight for more consumer protection measures to be implemented before passing Bill 62.

Throughout the past year, I have listened to our community’s requests and I have done my best to propose compromises for new and long-time homeowners who opposed the project. We are now in agreement on many items, however, there are still community-driven issues that we need to address, including: 

(1) Making Haseko do the right thing by keeping them accountable to their sales materials

(2) Creating a provision to protect Haseko homeowners from skyrocketing resort association fees, by limiting fee increases to no more than $50 to support these new amenities, and

(3) Continuing to work on language that takes residents’ current lawsuit against Haseko for deceptive practices into account

To view the original document click here: http://www4.honolulu.gov/docushare/dsweb/Get/Document-185738/CC-165(16).pdf

To view Bill 62 (2015), CD1, and its current status, click here: http://www4.honolulu.gov/docushare/dsweb/Get/Document-168002/BILL062(15).htm

Numerous residents have asked that my office respond to misleading information sent to them my Haseko. Our office analyzed all communication on their www.hoakaleifacts.com website as well as mailers and statements from company leaders.

To view the Haseko Fact Check, click here: hasekofactcheck-docx-2