Honolulu Zoo introduces new sponsorship program

Honolulu – The Honolulu Zoo launched a new sponsorship program today and is currently accepting applications. The program offers the opportunity to support the zoo in various ways, including enhancements and improvements to facilities, animal exhibits, public areas, the visitor experience, animal enrichment, and equipment. In return, sponsors will have the ability to request the recognition of their choice.

Electronic applications and instructions are available online at: http://www.honolulu.gov/pur/sponsorship.html

The initial deadline for applications for current sponsorship opportunities is March 1, 2018, followed immediately by a review period. After the initial deadline, applications will be accepted and collected on an ongoing basis and reviewed as they are received.

“Our zoo delivers a message of conservation and respect for wildlife that helps our keiki connect with the animal world around them, and this sponsorship program that was spearheaded by Councilmember Kymberly Marcos Pine will go a long way in making sure our zoo continues to educate and inspire its guests for decades to come,” said Mayor Caldwell.

The zoo sponsorship program was made possible through Ordinance 15-42 (Bill 25), introduced by Councilmember Pine, which gives the public a new option to directly support the zoo, in addition to gift donations.

“We can no longer run the city the way we always have by raising taxes to pay for city services,” said Councilmember Pine. “The city is recognizing that public and private partnerships are finding success in major cities across the nation and it’s time for Honolulu to step up. We are excited for new opportunities to bring much-needed improvements to one of the major gems of our community.”