On Saturday, September 26 One’ula Beach Park had its first Community Care Project that launched the start of the park’s 5-year revitalization plan. 


Residents of the Ewa community were able to voice their opinions and concerns about One’ula and the improvements that they would like to see. Participants were given a yellow comment card and were encourage to fill out their suggestions for One’ula.


“Today is about the community taking charge of what our future is going to be here at Oneula Beach Park in what they want to see,” said District 1’s Kymberly Pine of the Honolulu City Council.


The park was known for many years as a dumping ground filled with trash, homeless, and drug activity. The only bathroom the park provides has been out of order and boarded up for about 10 years, while the roads are in desperate need of repaving.  But thanks to success of the One’ula Community Care Project the park is able to have the well deserved attention it needs. While the City promise to start making these upgrades in a span of five years.


One’ula Beach Park will once again be known as a clean and safe place where everyone is welcome to enjoy.