Tips to Manage Credit and Debt Wisely. Limited seating available.
The Financial Kai Series: The Financial Kai Series is a 4-part workshop series that teaches participants how to access valuable lessons from the kai (ocean) that can be used to guide them in managing their personal finances. Participants may attend the entire series, or take advantage of the individual workshops they feel they need most.
Workshop 1: May 10, 2018
$mart $pending Plan: Learn practical tips and techniques on the best way to get started and maintain a pesonal spending plan. Stay in control of your finances to better achieve your financial and even business goals. A laptop is recommended for this workshop.
Workshop 2: May 24, 2018
$aving$ $implified: Learn strategies for making saving easy. Reduce the financial stress when emergencies arise by learning how to create an emergency fund for your ‘ohana. Also explore different strategies that make saving for life’s events easy.
Workshop 3: June 14, 2018
Borrowing Basic$: Learn more about the process of borrowing money, and the relationship between money and credit. Learn how to also evaluate your spending habits to identify how to choose credit products that are right for you and your financial goals
Workshop 4: June 28, 2018
Maximize & Protect Your Finance$: Use your strengths (skills & passion) to maximize your income, and identify pluses and pitfalls. Learn to assess financial risks to understand what it means to protect your assets, and gain more information on identity protection.
Free dinner & childcare for children, ages 2-12. You must register on-line.