“Ka‘ahele Wai‘anae – Traveling Wai‘anae” was first organized in 2012 to raise funds for Pūnana Leo o Wai‘anae – a Hawaiian medium education preschool. The event’s purpose is to educate the Hawaiian speaking community about various wahi pana (famous places) along the Wai‘anae Coast through the use of our ‘ōlelo makuahine (native language). Each wahi pana has its own mo‘olelo (story), and each mo‘olelo connects us to our ‘āina (land). It is through the perpetuation of these traditions that we embrace and uphold our mission statement “E ola ka ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i – The Hawaiian language shall live”. Since its conception, Ka‘ahele Wai‘anae has been held annually to provide a venue that demonstrates the normalized use of Hawaiian language while supporting our Hawaiian medium education students and families.
This year we will be hosting our 6th Annual Ka‘ahele Wai‘anae on May 6, 2017. The event will be a half-day scavenger hunt race through the Waiʻanae coast. Approximately 25 two-person teams will gather at Mā‘ili Beach Park for instructions and receive clues in ʻōlelo Hawai‘i which will take them to various locations on the Wai‘anae Coast to complete physical and mental challenges tied to the mo‘olelo of each place. This year, our Ka‘ahele Wai‘anae competition will end with a Ho‘olaule‘a at Mā‘ili Beach Park that will include performances from our community schools, food trucks, local craft vendors and artisans, and an awards ceremony that all highlight the ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i movement here in Waiʻanae.
Competitors may range in age but all must have an adequate proficiency in Hawaiian Language and be in good physical health. Whether you are a continuing competitor or a new team, a Wai‘anae resident or from another community, we welcome you to our ‘ohana and the 2017 Ka‘ahele Wai‘anae Challenge!