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By Mayor Kirk Caldwell 

POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Oct 23, 2013

The grants-in-aid Charter amendment was written to take political influence out of the decision-making process by creating a committee of Honolulu residents that would evaluate and rank all grant-in-aid applications. I support this process and believe that it is the fairest and most professional way to determine grant-in-aid allocations.

In 2012, the Honolulu City Council passed a resolution recommending an amendment to our Honolulu City Charter setting aside 0.05 percent of the city’s general funds (received mostly from property tax revenue) for grants-in-aid. Grants-in-aid are financial contributions made by the city to not-for-profit organizations that provide services to certain targeted beneficiary groups that are usually not undertaken by government. In fiscal year 2014, 0.05 percent of the city’s general funded tax revenues amounted to approximately $5.2 million.

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