One of Councilmember Pine’s priorities is to ensure that the parks in our community are well-maintained and kept safe for our ‘ohana and keiki.


In 2015, the City Council budgeted over $4 million into the City’s Capital Improvement Program for the improvement of parks throughout the Leeward Coast. Councilmember Pine’s ongoing commitment is to ensure the parks in our communities get the care they deserve.


Councilmember Pine recently met with our parks department staff and isd pleased to report that our parks are seeing dramatic improvements that will help improve the quality of life for our residents:


Leeward Parks Update

· All comfort stations on the Leeward Coast are currently being repainted.

· Waianae District Park’s play apparatus has been refurbished.

· Waianae District Park’s comfort station by the tennis courts is expected to be renovated.

· Maili Community Park recently received new play apparatus.

· Renovation of Maili Beach Park’s Comfort Stations 1, 2, and 3 will begin early next year. The contract for bid of construction was recently awarded.

Maili Beach

Newly repainted comfort station at Maili Beach Park


Waianae district park

Refurbished play apparatus at Waianae District Park


waianae district 2

Refurbished play apparatus at Waianae District Park


Have any questions about our parks or want to learn more about how you can get involved with community clean-ups?  Feel free to contact Councilmember Pine at