Aloha! I’m so proud to announce that in a unanimous vote, The Honolulu City Council yesterday approved the budget for Fiscal Year 2017, which includes a $14.5 million commitment to improve services provided by the City & County Ocean Safety Division (OSD)! 

FY17 Budget additions for OSD include a $4.5 million increase from the previous fiscal year, which will improve services in these core areas:

  • $2.2 million in salary raises
  • $630,000 in funding for salary to hire new water safety officers lieutenants and to increase lifeguard coverage hours.
  • $345,000 for new equipment including trucks, jet skis, lifesaving equipment, uniforms and maintenance supplies
  • $355,000 for new lifeguard towers
  • $1,000,000 to remodel, design and plan new Ocean Safety District Offices and Training Centers in all four districts.

Thanks to all of your support, these amendments will allow our heroic lifeguards to increase their coverage on our beaches so that they can continue to save lives in and out of our waters every day.

 IMG_7983 Mahalo for being our heroes in our communities!