After 28 years of serving 100’s of thousands families and individuals every year ,we are close to being run out of business. We are having an amazing warehouse,/garage sale this week end.It will be this Thur’s.,Fri., Sat., Sunday,and Monday, from 9am-6pm. We beg you to stop by and buy something and send out a blast e-mail to everyone you know. This sale will be great for both your workers, and clients, friends and famlies. We have huge amounts of Christmas items, decorations, wrapping paper, and gift boxes. Toiletries galore.Lots of art watercolors, oils, porcelain figurines and pottery collections. School supplies and office supplies for everyones needs. We have literally THOUSANDS OF ITEMS MOSTLY NEW. It is at the lokahi warehouse located at 777 Ilaniwai St. which runs between and parallel to Queen and Halekawilia  Streets.The cross streets are Cook and Ward .If you come from the Cook Street side it is the third build in on the ocean side of the
street, second floor.


Mariellen Jones
The Lokahi Giving Project
Executive Director & Co-Founder
1253 S. Beretania St. #222

Honolulu, HI 96814

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