In this year’s budget, Councilmember Pine secured an additional $1,500,000 for preliminary engineering of a second access roadway from Makakilo Drive to the H-1 Freeway.

This is the third installment of funds Councilmember Pine has acquired for the development of the Makakilo Drive Extension, adding to the $4.5 million she secured in FY16 and FY17. 

R.M. Towill Corporation has been working on a new design that significantly reduces the initial construction costs by rerouting the extension to eliminate several elevated roadway bridges and value-engineering the design to eliminate non-essential elements. Together, these changes will reduce the project’s construction costs by an estimated $30 million.

Based on the new design, new permits, consultation, and environmental assessments are underway, with community outreach to be conducted as part of the preliminary engineering process. (Preliminary engineering is estimated to be completed in 2020).

As the preliminary engineering phase nears completion, the project will move into funding for the construction phase. The plan is to work with the State to request Federal funding for construction.