As our Waianae Coast continues to grow, Councilmember Pine’s priority is to ensure our sacred areas are preserved, and receive the respect they deserve.

Community members have raised concerns regarding illegal memorial markersat beaches throughout the Waianae Coast.

At Pokai Bay’s Kaneili Point, dozens of man-made memorials erected in concrete near the Ku’ilioloa Heiau serve as makeshift burial sites for resident’s ancestors.

Hanale Hopfe, Konohiki and Cultural Practitioner of Waianae explained that while residents’ intentions to commemorate their ancestors may be innocent, this site is not the right place for memorials.

Discussions are currently taking place on how we can cometogether as a community to encourage our residents and the City to become better stewards of our land.

Councilmember Pine looks forward to connecting with residents to discuss ideas on how we can do so.

Have any suggestions or want to share your thoughts regarding other areas in our district we need to preserve? Please email