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Middle/High School Vice Principal
Special Education/Special Services Administrator
English Language Learner Specialist

Middle/High School Vice Principal

General: Serves as Vice Principal responsible for supporting the school principal in development, implementation, supervision, and evaluation of a comprehensive program of educational and student services. Under the direction of the school principal, administers programs in accordance with policies, statutory requirements, administrative rules and regulations, and consistent with collective bargaining agreements.

Supervision: Works under the general supervision of the school principal and consistent with the priority functions and Ho’okako’o Indicators of Success. Responsible for being knowledgeable of and adhering to principal, school, and corporate policies and directions. Exercises substantial judgment and independence of action in carrying out responsibilities consistent with such guidance.

Major Duties: In collaboration with the school principal:

Student Learning and Achievement: Develops, communicates, and implements a shared vision for all students to achieve or exceed standards. Develops, monitors, and reports on specific goals and actions designed to advance student achievement. Establishes clear priorities and maintains focus on the vision, goals and actions to achieve the vision and secure a better future for the students, the school, and the community. Communicates progress about or in respect to student and school achievement and provides required reports to school stakeholders, Board of Directors, Local Advisory Panel, and funders.

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment: Develops, implements, and evaluates a curriculum aligned to standards and an effective instructional framework. Assures that the approved curriculum is being effectively delivered in each classroom. Provides leadership to teachers in the development of classroom-based assessments of student learning and the use of assessments to inform instruction and improve learning. Utilizes multiple assessment tools and strategies to support the achievement of performance standards by every student. Implements and maintains the dashboard to provide indicators that measure the school’s success in meeting the expectations of students. Regularly adjust goals and action plans for gaps and shortfalls in performance.

Student Support Services and Student Discipline: Develops, implements, and sustains a comprehensive support system with diagnostics and individual learning plans; intervention for gap group; counseling and discipline; family involvement and outreach; co-curricular programs; food services and transportation.

Administers the student discipline program to include working directly with students and parents/guardians in addressing student behavior issues. Supports teachers in identifying interventions and classroom management strategies to help resolve behavior and discipline issues. Takes action to implement discipline when necessary to include detention, suspension, and expulsion, as well as discipline hearings when required. Assures that all student discipline actions are legally compliant and serve the best interest of teaching and learning.

Leadership and Governance: Leads by example with a level of professional conduct that is above reproach. Consistently demonstrates high moral, ethical, and professional standards of performance and personal integrity, which includes addressing problems and issues in an open, honest, and timely manner. Ensures proper conduct goes beyond the practice of avoiding what is wrong, rather choosing to do what is right. Serves as a champion for the school and the corporation, avoiding actual or perceived behavior personally or among the staff which may cast a negative impression on the school, the corporate staff, or the Ho’okako’o Board.

Creates a professional environment by assuring that personal and staff interactions with others in the school, community, and corporation are conducted with utmost respect and professionalism. Honors the ideas of others even when in disagreement with those ideas. Works collaboratively to resolve disagreements and seek mutually respectful solutions.

Participates as required and on own initiative when appropriate in meetings, workshops and conferences that involve decisions affecting the corporation and/or the school. Advocates for the school position by providing input to the decision making process of the corporation. Respects, supports, and implements decisions once made, and requires the staff to be equally supportive.

Demonstrates a leadership commitment to, and requires all staff members to embrace and support, statutes, laws, school and corporate policies, collective bargaining agreements, as well as the values of the school and the corporation.

Provides leadership in creating and leveraging community partnerships to improve the school, enhance it resources, and improve student achievement.

Collaborates with the staff in identifying issues and needs, and advocates for staff needs as appropriate.

Communication and Marketing: Participate in development and implementation of a process for faculty and staff meetings that allows for timely sharing and dissemination of information as well as meaningful input to and discussion of needs and actions for effective delivery of the educational program and operation of the school.

Assist in establishing and carrying out a community information program that creates support and enthusiasm for the school’s vision and mission, and keeps parents and community members informed of the schools challenges and accomplishments and involved in school activities.

Models and promotes trust, enthusiasm, rapport, respect and openness among faculty, staff, students, and members of the community. Celebrates successes and recognizes the achievements of others.

Human Resource Management: Participates in identifying the competencies required for each staff member in order to fully meet job expectations and contribute effectively to achievement of the vision. Participates in screening, selecting and assigning staff members consistent with job requirements, corporate policies, legal requirements, and provisions of the collective bargaining agreement(s). Provides effective induction of assigned staff members assuring that each new member understands the vision and goals of the school, duties and responsibilities of the position, performance requirements and expectations, school and corporate policies and procedures, and available support and assistance.

Provides for the professional development of staff members based on personal, professional, and organizational needs and consistent with the direction of the school principal. Collaborates with staff members on identification of needs, opportunities, sources, and methods of providing professional development. Monitors and assesses the results of professional development to assure the desired outcome.

Fosters self-reflection by each staff member, monitors individual performance, and provides feedback and coaching to support success and continuous growth. Evaluate assigned staff members consistent with the approved evaluation process. Takes timely action to address performance concerns and deficiencies and provides plans of improvement to correct performance concerns.

Monitors behavior and addresses all incidents or allegations of misconduct through timely and effective investigation and corrective disciplinary action consistent with legal requirements, corporate policy, and provisions of the collective bargaining agreement(s).

Operations and Financial Management: Assists the school principal in carrying out his/her responsibilities for school operations and financial management.

Addendum – Kamaile Academy

As a vice principal at Kamaile Academy provides leadership to one of the following functions in addition to serving as vice principal for designated grade levels:

Special Education: Provides overall P-12 leadership and direction to the special education (special services) functions. Maintains knowledge of legal, program, and educational requirements in the design and delivery of special education services. Participates directly in the screening and selection of all special educational classified and certificated staff. Oversees the effective utilization of special education staff. Participates with other vice principals in evaluation of special education staff. Participates in IEP meetings and/or provides guidance and direction to other school administrators in conducting IEP meetings. Provides planning and oversight to the schools special education policies, operations, budget and resources. Provides, or arranges for, training to all school staff in special education programs, processes and requirements. Represents and defends the school position in hearings regarding the delivery of special education and/or accommodations. Responsible for special education reporting requirements to include analyzing such reports and developing recommendations based on such analysis.

School Operations: Provides overall P-12 leadership and direction for school operations. Directly supervises school safety and security, facilities utilization and management, school maintenance and custodial services, capital projects planning and management, food service operations, management and acquisition and control of computer and related audio visual and electronic equipment, operation and maintenance of transportation equipment (school buses). Provides planning and oversight of operation budgets, policies and programs. Supervises and evaluates staff delivering operational services. Establishes funding and scheduling priorities for operational needs. Represents the school in meetings with state and local officials for the purpose of advocating for and securing funding, scheduling, and program support for operational needs. Represents the school in meetings with service provides to assure that the needs of the school are being met. Exercises contracting authority, with the concurrence of the school principal, regarding facilities, services and operations.

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment: Provides overall P-2 leadership and direction for curriculum, instruction, and assessment (CIA). Directly supervises the classified and certificated curriculum and coaching staff (math, language arts, ELL, etc.). Coordinates the involvement of grade level chairs in CIA planning, adoption, implementation, and training. Provides leadership to the development and implementation of a aligned curriculum to include scope and sequence. Provides leadership to the development and utilization of classroom based assessments. Coordinates state wide testing requirements to include analysis and interventions based on the results of testing. Provides planning and oversight to school budget related to CIA to include the selection and acquisition of curriculum materials. Provides, or arranges for, training of school staff in CIA. Represents the school in meetings with service provides, state and local officials in CIA areas. Coordinates with other vice principals in overall planning and implementation of CIA.


Special Education/Special Services Administrator

Serves as special education program director/special services administrator for Kamaile Academy, a conversion-charter school. Education Officer oversees and supervises the special education department servicing grades Pre K-12.

The Education Officer works under the guidance and administrative supervision of the Principal, Kamaile Academy, and is responsible for results in terms of special education program operations and effectiveness, supervision of special education staff, and for achieving program goals and objectives. Work is guided by, and must be in compliance with, federal and state law, school policy, state and local regulatory agencies. Incumbent is expected to possess expert knowledge in the design, implementation, and operation of special education programs and is expected to perform program responsibilities under administrative supervision.

Duties and Responsibilities:

As the Director, Special Education, responsible for all aspects of the program to include:

Developing, planning, delivery, and oversight of special education program and services (P-12).
Administration of and compliance with federal, state, local and grant funding of special education.
School Improvement and Education Reform as it applies to and affects special education.
Oversight of special education teachers and support staff to include participation in selection, assignment, and development.
Responsible for the evaluation of special education personnel.
Program Development: Stays abreast of research on the changing nature of special education. Applies research-based knowledge to design, develop, implement and evaluate special education programs. Participates in discussions on evolving demands and expectations in education and the impact those demands and expectations will have on special education students, teachers, support staff, and programs. Applies assessment and forecasting tools and strategies to predict and plan for emerging and future needs.

Policy Development: Recognizes the need for and formulates special education policies to implement school goals and objectives and to assure implementation of special education programs. Monitors federal and state initiatives that will impact programs and assures timely and effective adaptation of policies to meet such changes.

Program Implementation and Direction: Organizes, directs, assigns and evaluates special education staff. Provides input to grade level Vice Principals on the performance of general education teachers responsible for special needs students through the inclusion program.

Assures that procedures and training are in place to effectively implement, monitor, and as necessary modify the delivery of special education services consistent with program design.

Works closely with the School Leadership Team to assure their knowledge and support of special education programs, and integration of program issues into planning and design of the overall education program.

Program Operations: Structures positions and identifies skill sets essential to the delivery of quality programs and services. Assesses, evaluates, and provides for professional development of staff (special and general education) to foster the achievement of special education goals and objectives. Creates, in concert with the School Leadership Team, communication, collaboration and coordination processes that assure all staff is timely and effectively informed of special services policies, issues, and guidance.

Participates with School Leadership Team to address and resolve educational issues and challenges that require integration of special and general education programs to achieve success. Provides leadership in identifying and implementing intervention strategies for the needs special education students. Creates an environment in which all special education staff are comfortable and forthcoming in sharing ideas, needs and concerns, and in which the special education staff collaboratively works together to seek solutions.

Program Evaluation and Feedback: Establishes a system of data collection and analysis that provides for continuous assessment of both program accomplishment as well as individual progress and achievement of each special needs student. At least annually, conducts a comprehensive assessment of all programs to determine their level of effectiveness and contribution to the success of teachers and students. Identifies areas for improvement and enrichment and undertakes the initiative to redesign and recommend program changes to the School Leadership Team.

Special Services Administrator: Develops, implements, and sustains a comprehensive support system with diagnostics and individual learning plans and interventions for ELL and other gap groups. Develops, implements, and coordinates with school administrators, in the delivery of counseling services, discipline and school behavior programs, family involvement and outreach, co-curricular, inter-session and summer programs, and health services.

Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications and Evaluation Factors:

Demonstrated success as a master teacher in special education programs.
Knowledgeable and a consumer of contemporary research on special education programs, strategies, and innovations.
Ability to provide supervisory and program leadership over a staff of 20 to 30 certificated and classified employees.
Strong verbal and written ability to include the ability to effectively document and communicate complex program issues.
Demonstrated ability to develop and utilize data to inform program design and decisions.
Strong organizational skills and the ability to establish programs direction and goals, set and manage priorities, and allocate resources effective.
Demonstrated ability to develop and deliver training programs to a broad base of educators on the integration and operation of special education programs.
Comprehensive knowledge of special education laws and statutes and the ability to implement and monitor programs to assure compliance.
Exception problem solving skills to include effective engagement of students, teachers, and parents in problem resolution.

English Language Learner Specialist


The primary function of a full-time certified English Language Learner (ELL) teacher is to provide interventions and/or instruction to accelerate the student’s ability speak, listen, read and write fluently in English and develop into directed, self-aware college ready learners.

ELL teachers plan in collaboration with the classroom content teacher to provide inclusive language and content instruction. They also plan language interventions and lessons for individual or small groups of students in need of language support. The specific duties of an ELL teacher will vary from class to class, depending on the needs of the students.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

Screens Home Language Surveys.
Conducts assessment of eligibility in the ELL program.
Contributes to a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity, interest, and abilities of students, and provides both social and emotional support for English Language Learners.
Guides the learning process toward the achievement of established school curriculum goals, establishes and communicates clear objectives to the students for all lessons, units, and projects.
Acts as a liaison between the student and other teachers, staff members and family.
Administers WIDA and W-APT ELL assessments.
Strives by instruction and action to employ the District’s philosophy of education, instructional goals and objectives, and performance expectations.
Assesses the accomplishments of students on a regular basis, provides progress reports as required, and communicates with parents while also providing families with opportunities for socialization and acculturation.
Maintains accurate, complete, and correct records as required by the law, District policy and administrative regulation.
Employs a variety of instructional techniques and teaching strategies to meet different aptitudes and interests of students, including current technology and whole-group/small-group or individual learning.
Seeks the support of district specialists when concern regarding student progress arises and collaborates with instructional staff to provide language support when appropriate.
Provides age-appropriate communication with students on instructional expectation and keeps them informed of their progress in meeting those expectations.
Manages allotted learning time to maximize student achievement.
Accesses translators as needed.
Participates in in-service and staff development activities and staff meetings as required or assigned.
Attends established traditional school-sponsored activities (i.e., back-to school night, open house, and other activities customarily attended by classroom teachers and/or faculty members.)
Attends IEP, Section 504, or other related meetings necessary for student assessment and/or compliance with federal and/or state law.
Establish a positive and supportive relationship with the student(s) which encourages independent functioning rather than dependency.
Implement ELL strategies for reinforcing the skills of individual students based on their needs, interests or abilities.
Use formative and summative assessment to measure growth toward learning goals.
Create and maintain a student support schedule for grades assigned.
Demonstrate cooperation, openness for growth and willingness to contribute to a team approach to the educational program.
Perform other duties that may be assigned.
Minimum Qualifications:

Appropriate Teaching Certificate
Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree preferred.
Related ELL teaching experience preferred.
Outstanding personal/interpersonal communication skills; openness towards parent conferences.
Experience with technology in facilitating instruction.
Excellent organizational and neatness skills; ability to keep concise records.
Sensitivity to the developmental stages and well-being of children.
Willingness to be flexible in terms of teaching assignment within the school setting.
Compensation: Commensurate with experience.


Application Information: Interested candidates may apply by submitting a resume, transcripts, and certification information to: hr@kamaile.org”>hr@kamaile.org.









Location Waianae, HI, United States
Categories Vice/Assistant Principal, Curriculum, Special Education Director
Organization Type Charter School
Grade Level Elementary 1-3, Elementary 4-6, Middle School/Junior High, High School
Teaching field Special Education, Other
Experience Years 2 yrs
Waianae, HI, United States
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