Mehana residents called to express their concern about a lot that is located on the corner of Kapolei Parkway and Kunehi Street. The lot is not tended to and as a result, was becoming an eyesore and unsafe.


Overgrown grass and plants at a lot near Kunehi Street and Kapolei Parkway, photo courtesy of Google Maps.


Constituents reported bushes, weeds, and kiawe overgrowing into the Mehana community, covering residents’ sidewalks. They also reported seeing an increased number of feral cats wandering in the area. With all the trash that was accumulating in there, it was becoming unbearable and very dangerous at night.

Councilmember Pine sent in a Request for Investigation and Service Report to investigate the issue. After speaking with the Department of Facility Maintenance (DFM) who is in charge of this parcel of land, the department has heard the residents’ concerns and are now sending crews out to the lot to perform clean ups.

DFM has given their commitment to do their best to upkeep the area as time and resources permit. The area is about 1.7 million sq. feet and, currently, DFM work crews are working on increments to get the area under control. Their plan right now is try to have crews working out there once a week.