As we enter into 2018, Councilmember Pine’s ongoing priority is to address traffic safety in the roads throughout ʻEwa Beach. In 2014, the City conducted a Complete Streets Study of Papipi Road. The transportation policy and design plan aims to create streets that are safe and convenient for all pedestrians, drivers and residents.

Since then, Councilmember Pine has been working diligently with the City’s Department of Transportation Services to implement long-term solutions to create safer conditions at Papipi Road. In the City’s FY18 Budget, Councilmember Pine added $5,300,000 to apply complete streets environment to Papipi Road in an effort to improve safety for all keiki and pedestrians throughout ʻEwa Beach. This was done in conjunction with the City’s Department of Transportation Services who also recently completed a site inspection, traffic survey and review of the area’s traffic collision history as well as issued a work order to install all-way stop controls with appropriate signs and marking are being considered for funding.

In an effort to improve safety for keiki in the area, the City also upgraded the School Crossing warning signs and installed “Higher Fines” along Papipi Road in the vicinity of ʻEwa Beach Elementary School.

As we approach a new fiscal year, Councilmember Pine is coordinating with the Mayor to get the release of these funds. She requested that funds be released so that the “Complete Streets” policy, and specifically the Papipi Road “Complete Streets” makeover be given the priority implementation that this project warrants and that this community deserves.

Councilmember Pine looks forward to informing our community with any updates she receives from the department. If you have any questions, feel free to email