Papipi Road Safety

Papipi Road, near Ewa Beach Elementary. Picture courtesy of Google Images.


An ʻEwa Beach resident recently contacted Councilmember Pine’s office regarding concerns about the safety of school children and pedestrians near Ewa Beach Elementary along Papipi Road.


Along with safety concerns, our resident also raised issues about speeding vehicles, a lack of blinking lights or school crossing signs, and cars stopping too close to the crosswalk when children are crossing.


Councilmember Pine sent in a Request for Investigation and Services to the Department of Transportation Services (DTS). DTS soon performed an investigation of the crosswalk and replied back with their findings.


According to DTS, the City has recently upgraded the School Crossing warning signs and installed “Higher Fines” along Papipi Road in the vicinity of Ewa Beach Elementary School. In addition, under the City’s Complete Streets Implementation Project , a study was conducted along Papipi Road, between Kapolei Parkway and Fort Weaver Road.


In the meantime, DTS will be issuing a work order to install supplemental School Crossing signage to enhance conspicuity of the school crossings.