Kapolei Regional Park serves as home to many sports and recreation teams, and is heavily used by residents, families and community members. However, the limited parking stalls in the Park are inadequate to support the community and park users have continued to reach out to us regarding the difficulties they encounter when looking for parking.

That is why Councilmember Pine introduced Resolution 15-171, to urge City administration to conduct a feasibility study on the addition of 100 parking stalls within the Park and obtaining the use of alternative parking stalls that are available but not used on weekends at nearby local businesses for users of the park.

Resolution 15-171, CD1 was recently passed at the Parks, Community and Customer Services Committee. Your support and testimonies are much needed at the upcoming July 8, 2015 City Council meeting at Kapolei Hale, where Resolution 15-171 will be up for adoption. Feel free to call (808) 768-5001 or email kmpine@honolulu.gov.