A report by from KITV highlighted our district as the 2nd highest area on our island to have potholes filled. Within the past year, 7,556 potholes in Waianae have been repaired; trailing behind Honolulu’s #1 average of 16,346 potholes that also have been filled.

The City’s Department of Facility Maintenance workers are regularly going out to our district to tend to calls they receive regarding potholes, repairs and maintenance of our roads. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a few of the resources that are readily available to assist you in reporting much-needed infrastructure repairs in our neighborhood, so that our city workers can continue to diligently work to keep our roads safe.

  • City’s Pothole Hotline: To report a city pothole that needs repair, you may reach the City Pothole Report Phone Line at 768-7777. You may also submit your request electronically by filling out a pothole request form online at http://www.honolulu.gov/dfm/pothole.htm.
  • Honolulu 311: Honolulu 311 is the official mobile application for the City & County of Honolulu and provides a platform for people to report potholes, broken streetlights, cracked sidewalks, illegal dumping, and vandalized/broken signs, and can be downloaded via your smartphone

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The City’s Road Repaving Map is also a resourceful tool that indicates which roads are currently being worked on.  According to this map,  roads in Waianae set for construction in 2015 include the following:


Maiuu Road, Ala Akau Street, Ala Hema Street, Kaupuni Place, Army Street, Old Government Road, Guard Street, Plantation Road, Lihue St, Mill St, Midway Street, Bayview St., Pokai Bay St., Glenmonger St., Alta St., Ala Poko St., Leihoku St., Leileiho Pl., Leipupu Pl., Leihua St., Mokeahi St., Moelua St., Moekolu St., Moeha St., Moelima St., Moekaa Pl., I and more.


To see a full list of Waianae roads that are being repaved this year, feel free to access the City’s Map of Rehabilitation projects at https://data.honolulu.gov/Transportation/Road-Repaving-Rehabilitation-/4tkz-zg68