Earlier this year the Board of Water Supply (BWS) changed their billing cycle from bi-monthly to monthly. After this change, many households were sent estimated bills, some for several billing periods in a row.

Water bill complaints increase for Board of Water Supply (KITV)

BWS was also short staffed which had an impact on the accuracy of the billing due to a lack of auditors. They have since hired additional staff to assist with increased customer service demand.

Here’s a story of a family who received a bill over $900 after not being charged correctly during the estimated months:

Waimanalo family gets big bill despite no water leak (KHON)

At the City Council Meeting held on August 7, 2013, Resolution 13-177 was introduced, which initiates a proposed Charter Amendment.

YouTube – Board of Water Supply

BWS – Estimated Readings Information

If adopted, the proposed Charter Amendment would allow the City Council to review and approve the Board of Water Supply’s operating and capital improvement budgets.

Resolution 13-177

Please consider attending the September 11, 2013 Council meeting at Honolulu Hale to share your voice on Resolution 13-177. If you cannot attend, but would like to submit written testimony on this issue, you can send your testimony via email by contacting me at kmpine@honolulu.gov or by calling my office at 768-5001.




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