May 18, 2020
Rapid economic diversification presentation; Keep Hawai‘i Hawai‘i Pass

WHAT: Presentation on the promise of rapidly diversifying Hawai‘i’s economy through multi-billion-dollar markets; Action on the Keep Hawai‘i Hawai‘i Pass program.

WHEN: Tuesday, May 19, 2020, beginning at 9:30 a.m. meeting of the Honolulu City Council Committee on Business, Economic Development and Tourism.

WHERE: Honolulu Hale, Council Chamber, Third Floor

INFORMATIONAL BRIEFING: Presentations on promising, market-ready alternative economies for Hawai‘i will be made by Dr. Tusi Avegalio and by Michael Lurvey. In addition to feeding the world, compounds derived from breadfruit are highly sought-after by the multibillion-dollar cosmetics and insect repellent industries, among others. Councilmember Pine’s committee is also reviewing additional agricultural initiatives and revenue from military cybersecurity operations.

Dr. Tusi Avegalio, director of the Pacific Business Center Program at the University of Hawai’i Manoa, is widely recognized as a Pacific business, economic and community development expert. With his roots as a Samoan Ali‘i, Dr. Tusi is also a disaster response and recovery expert with an emphasis on native culture. He is respected for integrating science with native cultures and bridging academic traditions with the traditional beliefs of his Pacific roots.

Michael Lurvey is the developer of the award-winning TCOM system, which stands for “Thermal Energy Conversion of Organic Materials,” a mobile system that processes and converts waste into commercially viable products with no negative or harmful emissions. Several locations on O‘ahu’s North Shore are currently being considered as demonstration pilot and training locations for this mobile system, designed for ease of use and maintenance in village communities with limited access to technology.

BILL 3 (2020) would create new revenue to offset the impacts of tourism on O‘ahu. It establishes a program that would allow both visitors and residents to purchase passes for discounts and priority access to popular O‘ahu attractions, with the City’s portion of the pass proceeds to offset costs of maintaining public parks and beaches and to supplement the operating budgets of the Emergency Services Department, the Honolulu Police Department, the Honolulu Fire Department and the Department of Parks and Recreation. (Bill passed second reading and public hearing held on 2/19/20) Bill 3 (2020) with proposed Council Draft 1 is up for action. Link:



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Councilmember Kym Pine represents residents of District One (ʻEwa, ʻEwa Beach, Kapolei, Honokai Hale, Ko ʻOlina, Nānākuli, Mā‘ili, Wai‘anae, Mākaha, Kea‘au, Mākua) and is chair of the City Council’s Committee on Business Economic Development and Tourism.

Media contact:
Erika Engle
Communications Director
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