An agreement would transfer a portion of Franklin D. Roosevelt Avenue from the state Department of Transportation to the Hawaii Community Development Authority, which would be tasked to improve the road based on the City’s Standards.

Upon completion of the improvement, Roosevelt Avenue from West Perimeter Road to Enterprise Street would then be dedicated to the City.

This measure is a way to address differing roadway standards and overdue improvements to make way for development in Kalaeloa.

City Councilwoman Kymberly Pine, who introduced a resolution to authorize the City to enter into the agreement, said the measure could pave the way for upgrading other roads in Kalaeloa.  She said that any costs to the city would be “minimal compared to what taxpayers will gain by improving this area.”

“The people of the district have been demanding that we improve the roads of Kalaeloa,” Pine said.

“There is a reason Kalaeloa hasn’t been developed the way it should have been.  This (agreement) finally delivers to the community their demands that we improve this area.”

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