Ewa Residents have long recognized Aunty Arline Eaton and Aunty Mary Serrao’s significant contributions to the Ewa community and have requested that they be recognized for their contributions to the community.  My Resolution 15-143 and Resolution 15-166 passed in The Parks, Community & Customer Services Committee today.  Ewa Residents soon hope to see memorial plaques at Pu’uloa Beach Park, honoring Aunty Arline Wainaha Kuuleialoha Brede Eaton, and Ewa-Puuloa District Park, honoring Aunty Mary Kaipo Malama Serrao, for their notable contributions to the Ewa community.   Your support and testimonies are much needed at  the upcoming July 8, 2015 City Council meeting at Kapolei Hale, where these resolutions, with your help, will be adopted by City Council. Your support in honoring Aunty Arline’s and Aunty Mary’s legacies is greatly appreciated.


I am happy to announce that Resolution 14-254 and Resolution 15-142 were recently passed, regarding renaming Ewa Beach Park to Pu’uloa Beach Park and Ocean Pointe District Park to Ewa-Pu’uloa District Park.  According to members of the Ewa community, historically, the name “Pu’uloa” is the traditional name for the area within the Ewa Moku where this park resides and is used by many long-time residents to refer to the community.