Pastor Reid praying with contractor and architect before starting construction.



Councilmember Pine is available to help community members when they need assistance or help locating a City service.


Pastor James Reid of Friendship Bible Church in Ewa Beach recently reached out because he was having difficulty securing the final signatures needed for the church’s building permit.   Everything seemed in order, but for some unknown reason the permit was being held up and Pastor Reid was having difficulty connecting with the right office to find out where the problem was.


Councilmember Pine was able to directly connect Pastor Reid with the right department.  The last signature was received for the building permit and Councilmember Pine is happy to report that Friendship Bible Church was able to begin construction in May.


Councilmember Pine is working diligently to help constituents when they need assistance with city services.  For assistance, fill out the “Request Help With a City Service” form on our home page, and we will work with you to improve the quality of life on the Leeward Coast.